Day 9: Calgary to Nakusp, BC – 326 Miles

Todays route was a bit different. Instead of generally heading East or South, I was going to head back West so I could ride some recommended roads over in British Columbia. My new Heideanu K60 Scout tires were a relief to have, as I have been mildly concerned about my worn TKC80 tires. The Heidenaus vibrate much less on the highway (going from a full knobby to a semi-knobby tire will do that 😛 ) however they make a lot more road noise, especially the front which howls at 100kmh (60mph). Overall, I think I’ll be pretty happy with them.. they do get great reviews and supposedly have a excellent wear life.

AK2FL 07Aug13 001
Leaving the flat prairie lands around Calgary and headings back towards the Rockies

AK2FL 07Aug13 002

Along the way I stopped back in Banff to check it out a bit more and ride a few roads I had read about in another ride report. If you pass by Banff, be sure to check out Tunnel Mountain Road and Mount Norquay Road.

AK2FL 07Aug13 003
The view from the top of Mount Norquay road which overlooks Banff.

Banff is a really nice upscale touristy town. I’m not sure a dirty stinky biker like me would fit in among all the boutique shops and fancy restaurants but I definitely recommend it to someone who plans on staying a day (and you should, I unfortunately didn’t). It’s a great place to check out with your significant other.

Along the Trans-Canada Highway are lots of these weird tunnels. I suppose its for all the snow/avalanches they get around here. I passed through nearly a dozen of these from Banff to Golden.

AK2FL 07Aug13 004

As you work your way South from Revelstoke to Nakusp, you ride along a beautiful long lake. About half way down you take a free ferry to cross over to continue riding South.

AK2FL 07Aug13 005


AK2FL 07Aug13 006

I rolled into Nakusp around 1900 and rode around town to get a feel of the place. It’s a small quiet town right on the lake thats nestled between two mountains. I really like it here. I grabbed dinner chow at a drive-in restaurant and then settled in at a camp ground nearby.

AK2FL 07Aug13 007

AK2FL 07Aug13 008

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