Recommended lodging

The intent here is to create a list of places that I’ve stayed at and would recommend to others.  I’ll try to list the important bits about each location which a fellow adventure rider would want to know such as secure parking, cost and WiFi availability. I don’t plan to document every place I stay at, but more so only the ones that are suitable.

City Location Name GPS Coord. Cost in LC Parking WiFi Hot Water Breakfast? Notes
Batopillas Hotel Juanitas 27.02594, -107.73906 $200 Inside Courtyard No Yes No Awesome place on the central plaza. Juanita is a very sweet old lady. Laundry for 25 pesos
Guachochi Hotel and Restaurant Jardin 26.82015, -107.07196 $185 Walled Hotel. Covered area Yes Yes No Basic but good for the price. Near a few restaurants
Durango Hotel Plaza Catedral 24.0249,-104.670677 $300 Inside foyer Yes Yes No Located right across from the cathedral and near plazas
Zacatecas Hostal Plaza del Carmen 22.772489, -102.575682 $200 Inside foyer Yes Yes No Owned and Operated by a fellow ADVrider. Very informative. Has a small shop/workspace for moto if needed.
Guanajuato Hotel Hacienda de Cobos 21.020148, -101.260906 $490 Parking lot, Walled Hotel Yes Yes No Good location in middle of city. Expensive but everything in Guanajunto is..
San Miguel de Allende Hotel Posada El Mayorazgo 20.914980, -100.744216 $300 Walled Hotel Yes Yes No Near the central plaza. Mediocre quality. Very cheap for the area
Pie de la Cuesta Hotel Roxanna 16.899119, -99.966312 $350 Walled Hotel Yes Yes No Really chill place. Hammocks, pool, selfserve beer, 1 block from beach
Oaxaca Hotel Parador Crespo 17.068069, -96.727412 $400 Gated covered parking area Yes Yes $$ Great location, excellent parking, fast WiFi, restaurant, 400 pesos for 2x people
San Cristobal de las Casas Hotel Palacio De Moctezuma 16.735397,-92.635622 $300 Inside Courtyard Yes Yes No Nice hotel with excellent location near plaza and walking street
Palenque Margarita and Ed’s Cabanas 17.491618, -92.024521 $350 Outside but safe No Yes No Located in El Panchan right ouside park entrance, Wifi at El Panchan, 350 pesos includes AC
Crooked Tree Crooked Tree Lodge 17.78265, -88.53144 $100 Outside but safe Yes Yes No Literally a few feet from the lagoon, expensive but an interesting place to see
Hopkins Tipple Tree Baya 16.852550, -88.279288 $80 Outside but safe Yes Yes No Small place right on the beach. Very nice hosts
El Remate Hotel Casa de Don David 16.993694, -89.691728 $190 Secure walled lot Yes Yes $$ Very nice place located on the lake. Has good restaurant
San Pedro la Laguna Corazon Maya 14.688275, -91.265831 $50 Secure walled lot Yes Yes No Spanish school that has bungelows. No need to be in school to stay
Leon Hotel Austria 12.433716, -86.878719 $1,000 Secure parking lot w/guard Yes Yes Yes Expensive but very nice. 1 block from plaza. Includes good breakfast
Granada GM Granada Hostal 11.930383, -85.962192 $500 Garage Yes No No Hot water not needed. New place with nice pool/bar. 1km from central plaza
Moyogalpa, Ometepe Island Hospedaje Soma 11.545179, -85.696114 $750 fenced/gated property Yes No Yes Awesome chill place on Ometepe Island. Highly recommend. No hot water but you don’t need/want it!
San Juan del Sur Casa Ariki 11.25162,-85.870192 $625 Gated driveway Yes No No Great little place, sharing a home with some locals
Costa Rica
Playa Grande Playa Grande Surf Camp 10.318086,-85.838231 $17,500 Outside but secure Yes No No Part of a Surf camp. Really close to the beach. Has AC
Montverde Monteverde Hostel Lodge 10.316513, -84.821824 $20,000 Outside but secure Yes Yes $$ Really nice upscale place. Has restaurant and lounge area. Close to down
Panama City Panama House B&B 8.993386,-79.521127 $38 Secure gated area Yes Yes Yes Great place with a  friendly family, where all the stahlratte crew meets, includes breakfast
Cartagena Hotel Villa Colonial 10.423112,-75.544237 $80,000 Inside lobby Yes No $$ Nice place near the historic city center and castle
Curumani Hotel Sol y Mar 9.20225, -73.54109 $22,000 Gated parking area Yes No No Decent place for the price and location
Medellin Casa Kiwi 6.206378,-75.566105 Don’t Know Gated parking area Yes Yes No Near all the action in El Poblado. Didn’t actually stay here..
Cali Casa Blanca Hostel 3.469041,-76.529697 $50,000 Secure parking 1 block away Yes Yes No Owned be fellow AdvRider and near Motolombia
Pasto Hotel Sello Dorado 1.20362,-77.278285 $25,000 Onsite parking garage Yes Yes $$ Awesome place for the price, restaurant, garage, motoshop nearby, very clean/modern, Mister Pollo restaurant nearby
Ipiales Gran Hotel 0.830849,-77.644828 $35,000 Onsite parking lot Yes Yes $$ Good place, clean and modern, breakfast available for $2, free café
Otavo Hotel Coraza 0.2278, -78.26437 $17 Onsite parking garage Yes Yes Yes Nice place in middle of town, near centro plaza, very friendly staff
Quito Casa Helbling -0.205846,-78.491674 $32 Gated driveway Yes Yes $$ Cool hostel popular with ADV crowd, fireplace going every night
Banos El Jardin de Hotel Mariane -1.399848,-78.42258 $25 Onsite covered parking area Yes Yes No Quite place with nice courtyard and restaurant
Cuenca Hostel Casa del Barranco -2.901242,-79.005086 $30 In lobby Yes Yes Yes Very nice place, nice view of the river from rear terrace
Mancora Angles del Mar -4.10366,-81.053846 $50 Walled/gated hotel Yes Yes No Very basic and medicore but half the price of everything else. Located near the beach and restaurants
Chiclayo Hotel Central -6.77149,-79.836606 $100 Gated parking area across street Yes Yes Yes Nice upscale place 1 block from the main plaza. Expensive but worth it
Cajamarca Hostel Monumental -7.156198,-78.5166 $80 Park in entrance/foyer Yes Yes No Owned by an enthusiastic Colombian biker. Very nice place 1 block from plaza
Cajabamba Hotel  Las Casona -7.624219,-78.046148 $30 Parking garage Yes Yes No Somewhat basic but good hotel for the area. Located on the main plaza
Huanchaco Hostel Naylamp -8.07322,-79.119391 $35 Parking garage Yes Yes $$ Very chill place located on beach. Has restaurant and cool courtyard
Caraz Hostel Chavin -9.049021,-77.810468 $30 Inside lobby Yes Yes No Great deal for price. Located on main plaza.
San Luis Hostal P_ -9.09286, -77.32867 $30 Gated parking area No Yes No Nice new place. Best of the 3 options in town. No wifi
Hualanca Hotel Nancy Beatriz -9.89923, -76.94215 $25 Gated parking lot No Yes No Basic but decent place near main plaza. Near good restaurant.
Huanuco Hotel Cuzco -9.93029, -76.24158 $50 Gated parking lot with cover for motos Yes Yes No Mediocre quality but cheap and near main plaza. Good covered parking
Huancayo Hotel Kasi -12.068531,-75.210077 $70 Space for 1 moto in lobby Yes Yes No Decent place right on main plaza
Ayacucho Hostal San Cristobal -13.160482,-74.224019 $40 Cochera next door for 5 soles/night Yes Yes No Good place 1 block from main plaza. Cochera 5 soles/night. Good place to work on moto.
Andahualyas Hotel Adan y Eva -13.657051,-73.388919 $40 Cochera 1 block over for 4 soles/night Yes Yes Yes fairly nice place for the price, breakfast included, 1 block from plaza
Ollantaytumbo Las Portadas Hostel -13.259015,-72.261897 $25 Gated parking lot No Yes Yes Basic hostel but cheap. Has a nice rustic feel. Courtyard full of flowers that smell amazing.
Puno Gran Puno Inn -15.836943,-70.027923 $45 In lobby or cochera across street Yes Yes Yes Overall good place. WiFi is kinda slow. Next to a good Café/Panaderia
La Paz La Blanquita -16.495717,-68.138618 $50 Inside foyer No Yes No Basic but has a cool old rustic type of feeling. Cheap!
La Paz Hotel Sajama -16.496208,-68.139801 $200 Underground parking garage (gated) Yes Yes Yes Very nice place with restaurant (breakfast included), good garage to work on moto, expensive for bolivia but worth it
Oruro Hotel Samay Wasi -17.961999,-67.103572 $170 Gated parking area Yes Yes Yes Pretty nice place for the price and area
Potosi Hostel Eucaliptus  -19.58945, -65.7506 130 Inside lobby Yes Yes Yes Fairly good hostel, slow wifi, parking inside the lobby, good lobby area to hang out
Uyuni Hotel Inti  -20.46145, -66.82102 150 Gated parking area No Yes No Newer place that’s clean and nice. No WiFi but computer upstairs.
Ollague Hostel Atahualpa
-21.22385, -68.25372
30000 Gated parking area in back No Yes* $$ Brand new hostel, very nice inside. Expensive! *Hot water didn’t seem to be working.. Has restaurant inside
Antofagasto Hotel Brasil  -23.654863,-70.400385 30000 Gated parking garage Yes Yes No Nice hotel. Antofagasto is expensive! 27000 for double bed room, 3000 additional for parking. Possible to get single room for 22000


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