Day 10: Nakusp to Peck Gulch, MT – 260 Miles

Days: 10  -   Date: 8AUG13  -   Itinerary: Nakusp to Peck Gulch, MT  -   Miles: 260

For some reason, I had my best nights sleep in a tent ever last night. Usually I’m semi-comfortable but can never stay asleep all night. I often wake up every hour or so and toss/turn. Not last night; I slept great. I think it’s because of the temperature. It was about 60F which is the perfect camp temp. I can sleep in my tent and lay on top of my sleeping bag without being hot or cold.

I grabbed breakfast on my way out of town at a cool bakery. It was half house/half bakery. I had a scrumptious cinnamon bun and cup of joe.

AK2FL 08Aug13 001

Heading further South I was in for mile after mile of lake front twisty road. It was like this nearly all day. Super scenic and twisty; just the way I like it 🙂 I took some video with my GoPro. Once I get it edited and uploaded, I’ll add it here.

AK2FL 08Aug13 002

AK2FL 08Aug13 003

Another Moto-Mikey Decal planted somewhere in Canada 😉

AK2FL 08Aug13 004

Kaslo is another awesome little town in ‘rural’ British Columbia. It was a slight bit more touristy than Nakusp but also a little nicer/fancy. I also really like it here.. Humm.. I would absolutely live here.. just maybe? Canada is really starting to grow on me. I wouldn’t mind spending some more time here..

AK2FL 08Aug13 005

AK2FL 08Aug13 006

Further South from Kaslo, you take another ferry to cross these huge lakes. They’re not wide but they are very long.. like 50-100 miles long?

AK2FL 08Aug13 007

On the ferry, I met some Canadian Bikers who were also out enjoying the twisty scenic roads of British Columbia. We talked for nearly an hour on the ferry about my trip and other biker stuff. I had them snap my photo. Thanks guys! It was great to have met you 🙂

AK2FL 08Aug13 008

I grabbed a late lunch in Creston and then rode South to cross over into Idaho. The last few miles of Canada things started warming up and looking more like I had imagined Idaho and the midwest would have looked like.

AK2FL 08Aug13 009

AK2FL 08Aug13 010

AK2FL 08Aug13 012

AK2FL 08Aug13 011
Did I mention it was hot? 93 degrees at 6pm

I crossed over into Montana after a short ride across the top of Idaho. I stopped at a cool Dam and took a few photos, to include my first Panorama of the trip:

AK2FL 08Aug13 013

Lake Panorama
Click for full size Panorama

As I worked my way North East towards Eureka, I stopped at one of the many campgrounds along the lake. This one was nearly perfect. Peace, quiet and right on the lake. To top it off, it was only $9/night! If you ever ride through here, be sure to check out Peck Gulch Campground. It’s about 25 minutes South of Eureka.

AK2FL 08Aug13 014

AK2FL 08Aug13 015
Attempt at HDR

As I lay here in my tent at 2200 typing this, there’s clouds building to the North of here. They still look fairly far away but the wind is blowing them in this direction and I’m starting to see frequent lightning. So far only lightning and no thunder. Could it just be heat lightning? It was hot today..

It might be a wet and exciting night. Hopefully not. 😯

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