Trip Paperwork

Here is what I’ve come up with regarding the required paperwork for the trip. I plan on bringing multiple copies as back-ups and for use at borders.

Of note is that a Carnet de Passages is not required (thankfully!).


1Passport (original)
2Passport (color copy laminated)
1Birth Certificate
1State drivers license (original)
2State drivers license (color copies laminated)
7State drivers license (black/white copies)
1International drivers permit Obtained from AAA
1Moto registration (original)
7Moto registration (black/white copies)
1Alaskan License Plate (color copy laminated)
1Moto title (original)
1Moto title (color copies)
7Moto title (black/white copies)
1Photoshopped "International moto insurance" (color copies laminated) Useful for corrupt cops.
1Yellow Fever Inoculation card (original) Some countries technically require proof of it.
1IMG Medical Insurance Policy
2Emergency Medical / Contact info card (laminated) See the Medical and Insurance info page for more details
2Passport photosNeeded for obtaining a visa in Brazil and some of the Guiana's.
-*Digital copies of all the above saved on SD card and external hard drive*
1Backup documents stored in secret stash box:
1Passport (color copy)
1International drivers permit (color copy)
1State drivers license (color copy laminated)
1Moto registration (color copy)
1Moto title (color copy)
1SD card with above documents saved
1Spare keys
1Backup Credit Card
300Cash US dollars

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