Day 184: Bariloche

Days: 184  -   Date: 24FEB14  -   Itinerary: Around Bariloche, AR

This morning the parking lot was packed with adventure motorbikes! Some going North and some going South..all with interesting stories to share. In total 4 different countries representing.AR_24Feb14_001

Today I got my leaky fork seal fixed and changed the fork oil. I got lucky and managed to find a moto-cross shop who could do the work right away. It’s not hard to due myself but I didn’t feel like attempting it in the hostel parking lot with only basic hand tools.AR_24Feb14_004


A few photos from around town. I really like it here. A Southern hemisphere summer house in Bariloche, Patagonia and a Northern hemisphere summer house in Alaska.. humm.. I could do that! AR_24Feb14_003-2 AR_24Feb14_002

There’s a million chocolate/candy shops in this town.. not sure why but it’s super popular here? I’ve never heard of Argentina chocolate.. Regardless, some of these places are huge and have a lot invested into them. Lots of tourists from Chile and Argentina here on vacation for the summer.

AR_24Feb14_002-2 AR_24Feb14_001-2The plan in the morning is to ride back into Chile with Keith and Gus and to the start of the famous Carretera Austral highway.


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