Day 92: Into the Clouds

Days: 92  -   Date: 24NOV13  -   Itinerary: Playa Grande to Monteverde, CR  -   Miles: 106

I debated staying another day at the beach and surfing but since I was still a bit sore and sunburned, I pointed the moto towards Monteverde. This area is home to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a tropical rainforest with lots of unique wildlife.

The first half of the day was mostly uneventful but by afternoon the tarmac ran out and the remaining ~30km to Monteverde was a steady uphill climb on a rocky dirt road into the mountains.. just what the moto has been asking for!CR_24Nov13_005 CR_24Nov13_004

DCIM100GOPRO CR_24Nov13_001-2A few GoPro photos from the fun stuff. These photos look tame but there was a lot of bumpy rocky stuff which was mostly spent in 1st gear.


I got into town and found the Monteverde hostel lodge which I had read about from another blog (thanks dave for the tip). It’s a really nice place and even at $40/night was a pretty good deal considering it’s a very touristy area.

Thick jungle here


The cable bridge from the main lobby to the rooms

I booked 2 nights here at the hostel and signed up for 2 tours tomorrow: a guided tour of the Cloud Forest park in the morning and a coffee/chocolate/sugar finca (farm) tour in the afternoon.

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