Day 91: Surf School

Days: 91  -   Date: 23NOV13  -   Itinerary: Playa Grande, CR

My first time surfing today. I signed up for a lesson with the place I’m staying at: Playa Grande Surf Camp.

My lesson wasn’t until noon so I spent the morning checking out the town and going for a swim in the ocean to get a feel for the waves and see how warm the water was.. It was like bath water 😎


CR_23Nov13_001A few shots of the Surf Camp I’m staying at:

My bungalow complete with smelly moto boots outside


Lots of different boards available to use
Lots of different boards available to use

Once it was time for my surf lesson, we headed down to the beach and covered the basics such as body position and how to properly ‘pop-up’ on the board once I’ve caught a wave. After that, it was into the water. It was low tide now, so the waves were tame which made it easier for a beginner like myself. Within no time at all, I was catching the waves. I ended up surfing with my instructor for about 1-2 hours before the lesson was over.

I went back to camp to relax for a bit and later in the afternoon I went back out to catch some more waves.. only now the tide was coming in and the waves were bigger. 😮 I was able to get some good surfing in but was getting my ass kicked with some of the bigger waves. Paddling out after riding a wave in was getting tiring!


After surfing for the majority of the day, I hung around the camp and BSed with some of the other people also staying here. I met a couple of guys from Canada who were considering moving here and a cute girl, Ines, from Germany.

We hung out down by the beach for a while to catch the sunset (everyone who lives in Playa Grande comes down to the beach at sunset) and then went to grab dinner in town at a cool place called Bula Bula.

More MM decals in Costa Rica

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