Day 47: Gringos galore

Days: 47  -   Date: 10OCT13  -   Itinerary: Guanajuato to San Miguel de Allende, MX  -   Miles: 62

Last night in Guanajuato, I met 3 other bikers from the US who were down in Mexico riding around. They weren’t going all the way South but just spending a few weeks here. They recommended we check out the next town over, San Miguel de Allende, and said it was an artsy type of town with a lot of expats from the US and Canada living there. Since we had no plans, we said the hell with it and road there to check it out.

It turned out to be a fairly nice town but more touristy/Americanized than expected.. and by that I mean expensive and seeing ‘normal’ things like Starbucks which I hadn’t seen in weeks. There were also tons of Gringos. We went to a place recommend to us called El Pegasus and it was full of old white guys.. it was kinda like reverse culture shock!

Anyways, nice town but a bit too expensive for our long term travel budgets. The good news was I was able to get real cup of coffee. Mexicans love their instant/crystalized Nescafe coffee and 90% of the time you order a coffee you ended up getting a hot cup of water and a container of instant coffee.

Some photos of town:

Mex_10Oct13_001 Mex_10Oct13_002 Mex_10Oct13_003 Mex_10Oct13_004 Mex_10Oct13_005 Mex_10Oct13_006 Mex_10Oct13_007 Mex_10Oct13_008


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