Day 45: Zacatecas

Days: 45  -   Date: 8OCT13  -   Itinerary: Durango to Zacatecas, MX  -   Miles: 186

This morning Trevor and I said goodbye to John as he was heading over to Mazatlan and then Baja before heading back home to Washington. John, it was a pleasure to have ridden with you the last week. Take care and ride safe.

The goal for us was to make it to Zacatecas today. It was an easily mileage day, so no rush this morning to get going.Mex_08Oct13_001 Mex_08Oct13_002

Roadside Taqueria. Lunch doesn’t get any better than this.. especially when it only costs $2 😛

We made it into Zacatecas around 2-3, so we still had plenty of time to check out the city after getting the bikes settled and taking a quick shower.

Zacatecas is a really cool colonial city that was founded back in the 1500’s. It seems like nearly every block has a church, plaza or park on it and it’s also considered a World Heritage City. The climate is also perfect since the city sits up at over 8000ft; warm but not hot days and cool nights. I really like this place. I want to rent an apartment here for a month or more and just hang out.. I wish.

Mex_08Oct13_004Mex_08Oct13_005 Mex_08Oct13_006 Mex_08Oct13_007 Mex_08Oct13_008 Mex_08Oct13_009

Mex_08Oct13_014 Mex_08Oct13_010 Mex_08Oct13_011 Mex_08Oct13_012 Mex_08Oct13_013After wandering around the city for a couple of hours we went looking for dinner. We decided to eat dinner where we saw the most local people eating. This turned out to a place simply called La Cabana. Nothing too fancy but it was good chow at a low price.



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