Days 165-166: Worlds Highest Capital City

Days: 165-166  -   Date: 5FEB-6FEB14  -   Itinerary: Around La Paz

I needed a day or so to get caught up on the normal chores like laundry, work on the moto, do my taxes, and the blog (this thing really takes up a lot time!). Thus I decided to stay for a few days in La Paz. It’s an interesting city and it’s very cheap here. I found a really nice hotel for around $25/night, which is normally more than I would like to spend but I wanted somewhere nice that had WiFi and space to work on the bike.


A few photos from around La Paz:

It was cold and rainy nearly the entire time I was here.. this was kind of a good thing since it enabled me to stay inside and get some work/chores done.

BO_06Feb14_001 BO_06Feb14_002 BO_06Feb14_003 BO_06Feb14_004BO_15Feb14_006I wanted to ride the famous Yungas Road AKA the Bolivian Death Road. It was something that I had been planning to check out but since Bolivia was having lots of rain lately and I was warned that the road could be messy when wet, I decided to skip it.


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