Days 98-102: Panama City

Days: 98-102  -   Date: 30NOV-4DEC13  -   Itinerary: Panama City

I spent the last few days hanging around the hostel and exploring the Panama City area with a bunch of folks that are going to be on the Stahlratte with me.

Lots of fun hanging out with the gang:


PA_03Dec13_001 PA_03Dec13_002 PA_03Dec13_003 PA_03Dec13_004 PA_03Dec13_006 PA_03Dec13_007PA_03Dec13_005

We spent a full day being touristy at the Panama Canal:

PA_02Dec13_003 PA_02Dec13_005 PA_02Dec13_Panorama_1

After checking out the canal, we went over to the Albrook Mall, which is the largest mall in Central America. Very modern, Americanized and jam packed with people..


A couple of the nights we all chipped in some money and cooked a big dinner at the hostel. Lots of beer, rum, wine and good food were had by all.. maybe a little too much 😆



PA_03Dec13_001-2 PA_03Dec13_001-4 PA_03Dec13_001-5

PA_04Dec13_001Tomorrow morning all the other riders that will be on the Stahlratte will meet here at the hostel and we’ll ride out together in a big group (should be nearly 20 motorbikes!) to the Carti dock on the Caribbean side. After hoisting the bikes onto the deck, we set sail for 5 days. Along the way we stop in the San Blas Islands before ending in Cartagena, Colombia.

This should definitely be a highly of the trip! A little taste of what’s to come:

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