Days 68-72: Studying Spanish in San Pedro

Days: 68-72  -   Date: 31OCT-4NOV13  -   Itinerary: San Pedro la Laguna

So I’ve been hanging out in San Pedro la Laguna for about 5 days now. I am studying (and staying) at Corazon Maya, which is a Spanish school that provides 1-on-1 instruction. Every morning from 8 till noon I am busy cramming as much as possible into my head. It’s been going very well and I certainly think I’m improving.. poco a poco (little by little). 😉

My bungalow.. not bad for $40/week!
These little huts are where we study Spanish every morning. Muy tranquilo aqui
My teacher
Lago Atitlan.. which is surrounded by not just 1 but 3 volcanos!
Volcan San Pedro
Near the local market
Church just letting out
Saint Pedro.. and his chicken
The central plaza
Hanging out with fellow gringo expats at the bar.. always fun

I’m gonna be in San Pedro for a few more days finishing up my first week of Spanish classes and then I’m not too sure.. On Friday I’m going to attempt to hike Volcan San Pedro and then I might head over to Antigua for another week of Spanish school. It’s supposed to be a cool colonial city and very popular with the backpacker crowd.

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