Day 83: León Viejo

Days: 83  -   Date: 15NOV13  -   Itinerary: Leon

Another easy day off in a nice colonial city. I didn’t do much today.. Walked around the city a bit, worked on the blog/bike and finally got a haircut.. Best damn haircut i’ve ever gotten and it only cost $3; another tick in the win column for Latin America.

I grabbed a simple breakfast at a local french bakery. I had really good coffee and an equally good croissant.Nic_15Nov13_001

And for breakfast I was joined by the friendly bakery cat. aww kittah awww 😮

Some local futball (soccer); city style.



I also got my pannier stickers up to date:Nic_15Nov13_003

Grabbing some street food for dinner. Also good and cheap.


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