Day 64: Tikal

Days: 64  -   Date: 27OCT13  -   Itinerary: Tikal, GT

My alarm went off at 0500.. I felt myself awake in a panic.. Time for work!? Nope..whew.. Just hiking some more Mayan ruins. 😎

Yesterday, I had scheduled a collectivo to pick me up from the Hotel at 0530. It’s recommend that you explore Tikal in the early morning, when the temperature is still cool and you can photograph the sunrise from some of the tall ruins above the forest canopy. Well, it was raining this morning.. and it would turn out to rain nearly ALL day. I wasn’t about to be turned back, so I spent the next 6 hours hiking around Tikal in the rain. Add in the fact that it was Sunday and this place was nearly empty. I spotted less than a dozen people all day.. it was a big change from the busy park of Palenque.

A ton of photos from the park: They came out kinda crappy since it was raining all day.

Gtm_27Oct13_001 Gtm_27Oct13_002 Gtm_27Oct13_003 Gtm_27Oct13_004

Gtm_27Oct13_Panorama_1Gtm_27Oct13_005 Gtm_27Oct13_006 Gtm_27Oct13_007 Gtm_27Oct13_008 Gtm_27Oct13_009 Gtm_27Oct13_010

Monkeys pooping on your head!?
Monkeys pooping on your head!?
Some gringo trying to feed a Coati

I was back at my hotel by 1300 and took a nice afternoon siesta :mrgreen:

A few photos from the place:


Zip line beer service from the lodge to the lookout point on the lake!
Zip line beer service from the lodge to the lookout point on the lake!
Local kids playing Futball
Local kids playing Futball


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