Day 27: Montgomery to Smithtown, NY – 124 Miles

I wasn’t really sure what today was going to bring. I didn’t have any plans other than making it to Long Island and checking out where I used to live. I left Montgomery around 1000 and had the GPS guide me out to LI. It’s a Sunday, so traffic shouldn’t be too bad even in the City..right?

GW Bridge and NYC in the distance

Once I got out to Long Island and familiar territory, I spent about an hour riding around. It was interesting to see where I had grown up. It’s been over 10 years now since I moved from here, so there was a lot of changes and new things I didn’t recognize.

After taking a trip down memory lane, I stopped by my cousins house to link up with them and spend the rest of the day out on their boat(s).

Long Beach on the North Shore of Long Island


This was another nostalgic moment for me. I haven’t been out boating on the Long Island Sound in about 20 years. I’d forgotten about how much fun our family used to have out here. Great times!

Just like old times with waterballons and the 3-man slingshot!

Of course we were up to the same ol’ shenanigans with water balloons and the 3-man slingshot. Lots of laughs were had as we nearly ripped off Matty and Marks head with a 90mph water balloon. 😆

AK2FL_25Aug13_016After a day out on the boat, we went back to the house to BBQ and hang around the fire pit on the back deck.


Uncle Mike, Aunt Dot, Matty and Mikey (there’s a lot of Mikes in this family) thanks for your hospitality. I had an awesome time and lots of laughs. :mrgreen:


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