Dust 2 Dawson 2013 – Day 4 – Dawson to Denali Highway, AK



The next morning we were up early and on the road by 8. The plan was to make it to Tok, AK for the night. As with the previous morning, there was a thick fog covering Dawson.
AK_22Jun13_088 AK_22Jun13_089 AK_22Jun13_090By 10 the fog had lifted and it was another great day for riding. Lots of other riders from Dawson were heading the same way back across the highway.

We crossed back over the AK/CAN border very easily with no issues and stopped in Chicken again for lunch. Along the way we came across another biker who had a flat. We stopped along with another rider to help out and eventually got his tire plugged and back on the road again.

AK_22Jun13_097 AK_22Jun13_098 AK_22Jun13_099 AK_22Jun13_100We made it into Tok around 1500 and since it was still early, we decided to both continue riding . Steve and Gail were going to head down South towards Glennallen and camp at one of the state parks along the way. I decided to go further West so that I could ride the Denali Highway the next day. We said our goodbyes and both took off, but only after I had some Coffee ice cream.. it was after all a fairly hot day for Alaska 😉

AK_22Jun13_104 AK_22Jun13_106 AK_22Jun13_109About 20 miles into the Denali Highway, I came across the Tangle Lakes campground. A very scenic and clean place to setup my tent for the night.. and for only $6 it was a great bargain.

AK_22Jun13_115 AK_22Jun13_114

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