Days 376-381: End of the Adventure

Days: 376-381  -   Date: 4SEP-9SEP14  -   Itinerary: Bogota to Miami to HOME!  -   Miles: 249

After arriving into Miami, I called the cargo agent to confirm that my motorbike had also flown out that morning. They advised me that the motorbike did not fly out for some unknown reason but promised that it would definitely ship the next day.

As you can guess by this blog post title and the number of days associated with it, an additional five days passed before my motorbike was finally manifested and in Miami. I’ll save you the drama but it took A LOT of phone calls, emails, and raising a shit storm to get things sorted out. Essentially my motorbike kept getting bumped from the flight due to other more “time sensitive” cargo.

The company I used, Girag, which actually comes highly recommend from other ADV riders, exports a lot of flowers from Colombia for the U.S. market. Since flowers are perishable, my motorbike was repeatedly bumped from the flight to make space. I was moderately irritated by this since I had a “confirmed flight” for my motorbike and was now sitting in Miami. If I had known it was going to take nearly a week to get my motorbike to Miami, I would have stayed in Bogota where it was far cheaper. I ended up spending an additional $600 on just hotel fees!

On the sixth day, my motorbike finally arrived into Miami and I was free to pick her up. The import process was pretty easy since it was already registered in the U.S. I was surprised to find that there was no customs or police inspection on the U.S. side, especially since I was coming from Colombia.

Back in the USA!

I unwrapped my motorbike and sped off out of Miami. I headed North to my parents place in Central Florida where I was going to hang out before starting a new job in Virginia the following month.

Well, I guess that’s it! The end of my crazy North-Central-South America trip! It was an awesome 14 months of adventure travel (followed by an additional 5 years to finish the blog, lol). Thanks to everyone that followed along and joined me on my journey!

I’ll be uploading a follow-up post that summarizes my entire trip and includes all the metrics in more detail such as total miles, total cost, favorite places, etc.

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