Days 298-299: Slight change of plan

Days: 298-299  -   Date: 18JUN-19JUN14  -   Itinerary: Rio de Janeiro to Delfinopolis, BR  -   Miles: 449

The initial plan for Brazil was to ride North East along the coast from Rio up to Salvador. I decided to change my plans when I read about a big BMW GS meeting here in Brazil. It wasn’t that far away and it looked like it would be pretty fun, so why not!?


The meeting was taking place in a tiny little town called Delfinopolis. It’s in the state of Mias Gerias and it’s a place hardly any other Brazilians have heard of. The 2 day ride from Rio was through some really beautiful countryside with gentle hills which provided a fun ride while keeping the temps around a nice 75F/25C. Absolutely beautiful in this area. I absolutely want countryside farmhouse here.


Delfinopolis is located on the edge of the Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra. It’s a park with hundreds of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. It’s also got a lot of fun dirt roads to explore the area and I believe that’s why this location was chosen for the BMW GS meeting. What’s the point in owning a GS moto if you’re not going to get it at least a little dirty, right? 😛

Ferry crossing over to Delfinopolis

I drove around the tiny town and quickly found a pousada to spend the next few days here for the event. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to meet up with a few other riders and afterwards we’ll all go to the main meeting location for a huge Churrasco. It should be an awesome time here.



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