Day 300: Brasil BMW GS Meeting – Part 1

Days: 300  -   Date: 20JUN14  -   Itinerary: Around Delfinopolis, BR  -   Miles: 26

In the morning I met up with a few of the guys for breakfast at one of the pousadas. After eating and hanging out for a bit, we rode over to the only gas station in town which was where I would get to meet everyone.

BR 20Jun14 001

We were here for about an hour making introductions and the usual small chat. Everyone was super excited that I was here. I’m pretty sure that I’m the first Alaskan rider to attend the event. 😉


After everyone had arrived and we were all ready to go, we rode off into the Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra. A short ride later and we stopped inside the park near one of the ranger stations. We unloaded and hiked less than a kilometer into the woods where there were a few waterfalls and swimming areas.

BR 20Jun14 002

This park is particularly famous for all the waterfalls throughout the area. I don’t know how many there are but it must be hundreds just like these. It’s absolutely beautiful. A good place to hang out and cool off in the water.

BR 20Jun14 003

After exploring the area and swimming in a few different spots, we all rode back into town where the Churrasco was taking place this afternoon. At the Churassco, I got to meet a few more guys who hadn’t gone on the ride this morning. Everyone has been very welcoming and extremely hospitable. I wasn’t allowed to pay for anything all day.. not a single beer or for the lunch. We had a great time sharing stories, talking about my trip, and enjoying all the good food and cold beer. It was fantastic time that I’ll always remember.

BR 11Jul14 001

BR 20Jun14 007

BR 20Jun14 008

BR 20Jun14 009

BR 20Jun14 006

BR 20Jun14 010

After eating, we gathered in front of the pousada to check out each others motorbikes and take a group photo. Afterwards, a few of us took off in a hurry to ride back into the park and up one of the hills for a photo of the sunset.

BR 20Jun14 004

BR 20Jun14 012

BR 20Jun14 Panorama 1

BR 20Jun14 005

We rode back down the hill in the darkness and returned to town. I went back to my pousada to take a quick shower and change my dusty clothes. After a bit of confusion and waiting around for a bit, a few of us met up for pizza and some more beer.


Overall, a great day (and night) here in Delfinopolis with some fun like-minded guys. I’ve really come to love Brazil and the people here.. they’re simply amazing with an unmatched hospitality and warmth about them.


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