Days 194-195: Patagonian winds

Days: 194-195  -   Date: 6-7MAR14  -   Itinerary: El Calafate, AR to Punta Arenas, CH  -   Miles: 369

Not much interesting to report about these couple days except that it was very windy.. like steady 40-50mph winds with occasional gusts above that. It made the riding much more tiring than normal. Two things took a beating: my neck muscles and my fuel economy.CH_06Mar14_001

If there were any trees around, these signs are be very accurate.


I stopped for the night in the drab port town of Puerto Natales. This place is the launching point for travelers heading into Torres del Paine National Park. I had thought about checking this park out and maybe even renting some gear to go hiking around the area for a few days but the Patagonian winter is quickly arriving and it’s already pretty cold. I realize I can’t see and do everything and I’m okay with that. Maybe next time..

In Puerto Natales looking towards the park. Cold, cloudy and snow on the mountains
The grass in this photo is laying over due to wind blowing!

The ride from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas was a quick 2-3 hour jaunt. Once in town I searched for a new front tire. After checking a few shops, all of which didn’t have what I was looking for, I found Alejandro’s moto shop. He works almost exclusively on the BMW rental bikes that all the moto tour agencies use. CH_07Mar14_002

He had a huge selection of big bike tires and I had him mount a new Heideanu K76 front tire. This tire is more road biased (70%/30) since I figure from here on out I’m gonna be mostly on pavement. While the bike was on the lift, I also had him tighten the front brake disc rivets since they were loose and also remove a little bit of oil from the front forks as they were a bit stiffer than I liked. Overall a big success and another recommendation for Alejandro’s shop.
CH_07Mar14_003Tomorrow I’ll be catching a ferry over to Tierra del Fuego.

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