Day 79: Antigua style

Days: 78  -   Date: 11NOV13  -   Itinerary: Antigua

I didn’t do anything too exciting today. I was going to hike Volcan Pacaya but after speaking to a few people about it, I decided to skip it. It used to be a really cool attraction with practically no safety measures in place (read that as fun!).. but as of 2010 you’re limited to how far you can go on the volcano. Gone are the days of shoe melting heat and roasting marshmallows over molten lava.. now the closest you can get to real lava is measured in kilometers.. poo! 😡 I’m going to check out a few more volcanoes further South in El Salvador and Nicaragua in hopes of being able to get close to molten lava.

I did get a lot of errands/chores done today, so that’s good. The normal boring stuff like laundry, supplies, washing the moto, etc.

I also did a lot of walking around the city. I really like it here. Antigua has a nearly perfect climate all year long thanks to the altitude and it’s Southernly location. An average low around 60 and high around 75, with low humidity make it very comfortable. Add in some volcanoes, mountains, old colonial buildings and it’s beautiful here. Future Guat Expat for me? Who knows!?

Gtm_10Nov13_004 Gtm_10Nov13_005

Lunch for under $2
I finally found a good place to add my MM decal. In a bar/pizzeria near my hotel where everyone writes on the wall.
Bath time.. she needed it!

Gtm_11Nov13_001Tomorrow’s plan is to cross over into El Salvador. Let’s hope this border crossing goes without any hiccups!

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