Day 77: Back up the mountain

Days: 77  -   Date: 9NOV13  -   Itinerary: San Pedro la Laguna to Antigua, GT  -   Miles: 94

After spending about 10 days hanging out in San Pedro and learning a little bit of Spanish, it was time to say farewell to my new friends at Corazon Maya. It was a short ride of just under 100 miles from San Pedro to Antigua. The first bit was slow going as I made my way out of the Atitlan caldera and back up the mountain to the PanAm highway. There’s some amazing views of the lago from this road as it goes up the mountain but its hard to get any decent photos since the road is very steep and narrow.

The town of San Pedro (left) with a few volcanoes in the distance
The very abundant Tuk-Tuks which drive like crazy
Very steep and narrow road with many tight hairpin turns

Gtm_09Nov13_003 DCIM100GOPRO

I got into Antigua fairly early and rode straight to the CATours Moto Cafe to get some coffee and figure out where I was going to stay in Antigua for the next few days. There I met a couple of riders from Canada who are hanging out here in Antigua for the 3-4 weeks learning Spanish. I also saw a few other ‘big bikes’ riding around town. Antigua is definitely a meeting spot for riders who are doing the big Central/South America ride.

After hanging out for a while I rode around town looking for a hotel. This turned out to be no easy task. Antigua is a very busy place and many hotel had already filled up this late in the afternoon. The other places I found that still had accommodation were either super expensive ($60-$100/night) or didn’t have a place for me to stash my moto. After about 2 hours of riding around and inquiring, I finally found a place for $40/night with secure parking. Not cheap but it’s nice and I just wanted to get off the bike. All the roads in city are cobblestone, so it’s a rough ride around town. 😳

A few photos from around Antigua:

Gtm_10Nov13_001 Gtm_10Nov13_002 Gtm_10Nov13_003I think I’m gonna hang out here for a few days and check out the city. 🙂

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