Day 34-37: Riding West

Days: 34-37  -   Date: 27SEP-30SEP13  -   Itinerary: Mobile to Fort Huachuca, AZ  -   Miles: 1498

The last few days have been uneventful. I’ve been averaging around 450 miles/day of Interstate Highway in an attempt to quickly get to Arizona.

Tomorrow is set to be the big day.. riding into Mexico! My ride (and the blog) should get a lot more interesting in the coming days and weeks 😯

Desert is green this time of year after the summer monsoon rain
Spotted an awesome Unimog heading West. I want to travel around Africa in one of these!

I stopped in Arizona at Fort Huachuca to visit some old friends/colleagues. Hi SSG Soto (x2)! Thanks for taking me out to dinner and putting me up for the night. It was good to see you guys again and catch up.



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