Day 24: Wellsboro to Montgomery, NY – 278 Miles

Today’s goal was to ride from Wellsboro to my brothers house in Montgomery, NY. Along the way I had a planned stop in Margaretville (a small town in upstate New York).

Right down the street from my motel was a Dunkin Donuts, so naturally that’s where I went for breakfast. I haven’t seen one of these places since I last lived in New York.

GPS routed me down some dirt roads..was unexpected but nice
GPS routed me down some dirt roads..was unexpected but nice

To get to where I wanted to go in New York, I had to jump on the interstate again for about 50 miles. Not too bad. I got off at State Road 30, which turned out to be a great road into the Catskills. Fairly high-speed, minimal traffic, lots of long sweeping turns, and about 6-7 degrees cooler.  Better scenery too.

AK2FL_22Aug13_001 AK2FL_22Aug13_002

I planned to make a stop in Margaretville, which is a real small town in upstate New York. My Grandfather lived up here and we used to go up there to visit occasionally. It was somewhere I really wanted to see since I hadn’t been there in nearly 20 years.


After checking out town and taking a short break, I rode South towards Montgomery, NY to see my brother/his family and hang out for a day or 2.


North PA and Upstate New York was a nice change of pace from all the highway miles I’ve been putting on. I’ve enjoyed the country roads and all the small towns I passed through.


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