Day 19: Atkinson to Donahue, IA – 475 Miles

Today was to be a mostly boring and high mileage day. I was determined to make it to my buddy’s house in Eastern Iowa, so I would have a lot of ground to cover to make it there by this evening. I’m sure to some Iron Butt Riders 475 miles isn’t much.. but to me it’s a lot, especially on my OEM rock hard seat and the same scenery to look at all day 😡

Grassy field campground I stayed in the night before
Grassy field campground I stayed at the night before
This was my view all day 😐 Cornfields as far as you could see

I rode US20 East for most the day. It’s a better choice than sticking to the Interstate. Occasionally you ride through a small town which is always interesting. Only downside is there aren’t any rest areas along this road, so plan your pee breaks accordingly.
AK2FL_17Aug13_003 AK2FL_17Aug13_004Overall, not a very exciting day and thus not an exciting blog post to read. Sorry!

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