Prudhoe Bay – Day 5 & 6 – Coldfoot to Anchorage, AK

We packed up camp and skipped breakfast at Coldfoot Camp. It was really early, so we figured we would eat and get gas at Yukon camp. I’m glad we did because breakfast was not only awesome but cheaper than Coldfoot. I highly recommend you stop here for chow if you’re riding along the Dalton Highway. Since we had already ridden North along Dalton we didn’t stop much for photos or to scope out the area. I think we were both looking forward to getting  back to civilization in Fairbanks and having a shower 😆

Yukon River bridge

Prudhoe_18Jul13_0049Since we had left Coldfoot so early in the morning, we arrived into Fairbanks around 1400. We stopped at the first DIY car wash we found and spent about $20 pressure washing all the mud off our bikes.. even so mine still isn’t nearly clean! We then got settled into the dorms at UAF (again a great bargain at $36/night) and just hung out till dinner time. We went to the Pump House grill & Saloon which was a pretty good place. They were all booked up, so we ended up eating at the bar and having a few beers. We then made our way back to the university in a complete downpour rain. We were both throughly soaked by the time we made it back. Thank goodness the dorms have washer/dryers for us to use.

Start/End of the Dalton Highway


Day 6:

The next morning we grabbed breakfast chow and said our goodbyes. Peter, It was a pleasure to have ridden with you the past few days. 😀 Keep the shiny side up and take care!

Peter rode off towards Tok, AK and I stayed behind in Fairbanks for another hour to do some moto maintenance. My chain needed to be cleaned/lubed and my panniers had some water in them from pressure washing the moto yesterday. I left Fairbanks around 0900 and rode in steady rain nearly the entire way back to Anchorage. I didn’t stop for any photos since it was raining and I really just wanted to get home 😐

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