Dust 2 Dawson 2013 – Day 3 – Dawson, CA

Most of Friday was spent hanging out in Dawson City waiting for the D2D events to start later that evening. It had rained that night and into the morning. The Poker run was scheduled to start at 1000 but since it was still raining and the roads were very muddy, Steve and I decided to skip it.. I know, not very hardcore bikerish of us.. 😮 We grabbed breakfast at the Downtown Dawson Hotel and then walked around the older residential parts of town. Lots of cool old cabins and history from the early 1900’s.

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Where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers converge.
Where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers converge.

By mid afternoon the rain had let up and Steve and I went for a short ride down to the start of the famous Dempster Highway. We rode about 1-2 miles of it so we could say we’ve ridden it 😉 It goes on for about 450 miles, crossing the Arctic Circle before ending in Inuvik, NT.


AK_21Jun13_048Along the way I stopped for gas and got to see just how expensive gas was in rural Canada.. over $6/gallon! Back in town, we walked around and checked out all the bikes that were now back from the Poker run.

German tags!

AK_21Jun13_050 AK_21Jun13_051 AK_21Jun13_053 AK_21Jun13_054 AK_21Jun13_058 AK_21Jun13_062After the dinner banquet (sorry, no pics) everyone headed back to the main gathering area/street for the crazy biker games. This is the main highlight of D2D and consists of a slow race, ball drop contest, blind-folded proximity contest (closest one to stop on a paper plate wins), slalom and 2-up water ballon toss. It was a lot of fun with everyone in the contest hootin’, hollerin’ and cheering along. 🙂

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The biker games lasted about 1-2 hours and afterwards everyone retreated to their rooms/tent sites to get an early start for the ride home the next day.

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