Dust 2 Dawson 2013 – Day 2 – Tok, AK to Dawson, CA

The next morning we met up at Fast Eddy’s for breakfast. The parking lot had already started to fill up with other riders and by the time we left there must have been over 50 other bikes parked there. We were on the road by 1000 and it was a cloudy start to the day. We would later get rained on sporadically throughout the day..AK_20Jun13_016

AK_20Jun13_017 AK_20Jun13_018 AK_20Jun13_019 AK_20Jun13_020

We got into the little town of Chicken, AK just in time for lunch. Of course while in Chicken you must eat Chicken (for lunch), so that’s what we did. It’s an old gold rush town that’s fairly off the grid; no paved roads, no cell phone reception and I think a population of about 7 people.AK_20Jun13_021 AK_20Jun13_022 AK_20Jun13_023

Right outside Chicken is where the Top of the World Highway starts. It’s a very scenic dirt road that winds it’s way for about 100 miles through the mountains over into Canada. It’s very scenic with lots of spectacular views.. the following pictures don’t do it any justice.AK_20Jun13_024 AK_20Jun13_025 AK_20Jun13_026 AK_20Jun13_027 AK_20Jun13_028We cross over into Canada at Poker Creek, AK, which is the most Northerly lander border crossing in the US. Dawson city is about another 50 mile ride from here.

AK_20Jun13_029 AK_20Jun13_030 AK_20Jun13_031 AK_20Jun13_032 AK_20Jun13_035

Just before you arrive into Dawson city, you must cross across the Yukon river. There’s no bridge here, so you must take the ferry (which is free).

AK_20Jun13_036 AK_20Jun13_037 AK_20Jun13_038 AK_20Jun13_039

We arrive into Dawson and there’s already a bunch of riders in town. It was an awesome site seeing all the Dual-sport bikes.. you never see this many of them all together like this (unlike a Harley or sport bike rally).AK_20Jun13_040 AK_20Jun13_041

We get settled into our hotel rooms (we both stayed at the Downtown Dawson Hotel). I was going to camp at the local camp ground but a fellow rider (thanks Jeff!) was looking to split his room, so that made it worth while to just get a room.. it’s a good thing because it ended up raining all night and into the following day.

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