Dust 2 Dawson 2013 – Day 1 – Anchorage to Tok, AK

Wahoo! After reading about the annual Dust 2 Dawson Moto gathering (just don’t call it a rally!) for the past few years, I finally was able to make it to one. I met up with fellow ADVRider Steve and his wife Gail who were also on their way to Dawson. I had ridden with Steve before around Alaska and we decided to link up for the next few days of riding. We left Palmer with the intent of making it to Tok, AK by that evening. It’s not really that far of a ride (about 280 miles) but it made for a good mid-way point to Dawson. Many (crazy) riders go straight through to Dawson in one day.




Lunch break at Eureka Lodge
Lunch break at Eureka Lodge

AK_19Jun13_002We stopped for Lunch in Eureka at the little lodge near the top. Along the way we hit a few spots of construction, which is pretty normal for Alaska during the Summer.

AK_19Jun13_005  AK_19Jun13_007 AK_19Jun13_008 AK_19Jun13_009We made it into Tok, AK around 1800. I grabbed a campsite at Thompson’s Eagle Claw Motorcycle Campground, while Steve and Gail had motel reservations at Fast Eddy’s. The campground is very popular with fellow motorcycle travelers and was pretty packed when I arrived.



The Dirt Duc! A Ducati with TKC80’s.. don’t see that everyday!
Only $5/night for a basic campsite. Can’t beat that!

We grabbed dinner at Fast Eddy’s Restaurant (which is awesome and a must-eat-at-place) before heading back to the campground to walk around and talk with other riders who were making the ride to Dawson. I conked out around 2300 and had the best camping nights worth of sleep due to the 5″s of moss under my tent which was like laying on a comfy natural mattress.

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