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Border Crossing, Page 2


Day 180: Wine country

Leaving Chile today and into Argentina! The whole point of this trip was to make it to this country. It’s …


Day 145: Into Peru

Out of the lush, cool mountains of Ecuador and down to the arid, hot desert of the Peruvian coast. My …


Day 96: Marching band

Out of Costa Rica and into the last country of Central America: Panama. From the unimpressive beach town of Uvita, …


Day 90: Pura Vida

This morning I said goodbye to Nicaragua and hello to Costa Rica. Home of the Ticos and Pura Vida (pure …

Driving past the huge line of trucks

Day 82: Running the Gauntlet

Corruption. Bribery. Theft. This sounds like the tag line for some Bollywood movie or something.. For most overlanders, it’s actually …


Days 80-81: El Salvador

After spending 2-3 weeks in Guatemala, it was time to move on and cross into the next country on my …

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