Days 371-375: Big ol’ Bogota

Days: 371-375  -   Date: 30AUG-3SEP14  -   Itinerary: Pereira to Ibague to Bogota, CO  -   Miles: 317

After hanging out at John’s house for a few weeks, I was ready to head to Bogota for the final leg of my trip. It was bitter sweet knowing that this chapter of my life was coming to an end but I was also looking forward to a normal life and settling down, at least for a while.

Before heading back to Bogota, I wanted to stop by Salento in the Cocora Valley and see the world’s tallest palm trees. This part of Colombia is absolutely amazing and has the best combination of motorbike roads with stunning vistas.

Wax Palm near Salento. Incredibly tall!

I also wanted to stop by the National Coffee Park and check that out:

After visiting the Coffee park, I was essentially riding back the same exact way I came a few weeks earlier when I was in Villa de Leyva. I stayed in Ibague again since it’s a good midway point. This time with hopefully no electrical problems!

After riding into Bogota and battling all the traffic, I settled into a hotel near the airport. I spent the next few days arranging a cargo flight for the motorbike. I booked a last minute plane ticket for myself to Miami after I had confirmation that the motorbike was flying out the next day. In total I spent $1,033 for the motorbike, $703 for my flight, and another $50 cargo import fee. Total: $1,786. Pretty expensive if you ask me!

Before heading to the cargo terminal, I had the motorbike washed (requisite for importing into the USA) and then met with the cargo agent to make the final payment. After that it was over to the cargo terminal to have the motorbike inspected. Better hope they don’t find the 8 kilos of Pure Colombian…. coffee! j/k

The cargo price is based on weight and the overall dimensions of the motorbike. After weigh-in and an inspection by the Police, the motorbike was wrapped up.

The next morning a took a taxi to the airport and flew to Miami. The motorbike was supposed to fly out the same day and be available for pickup the following day.. that’s not exactly what happened.

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